Efficacy and Selectivity Trials

Field trials for efficacy, phytotoxicity and selectivity evaluation of agrochemical products. The Test Facility started operating in compliance with Legislative Decree No.194 of 17th March 1995, containing dispositions about the implementation of EEC directive 91/414 and following EEC Regulations 1107/2009, concerning agrochemical products marketing. In doing efficacy trials, the Test Facility operates in compliance with the principles of Good Experimental Practice (GEP), in observance of the guidelines published by the reference international organizations, looking each time to the dedicated documents for specific parasite and crop. The main reference documents are the guidelines of “European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization” (E.P.P.O.): “EPPO Guidelines for the Efficacy Evaluation of Plant Protection Products”. Other reference documents are the Bulletin of "International Organization of Biological Control" (I.O.B.C.), and the publications of "Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry" (S.E.T.A.C.). Many other technical and scientific publications are available at Test Facility. The long years of experience in plant protection field of the researchers and the contribution of well prepared and motivated field technicians guarantee a proper solution to each different request of our customers.

Good Laboratory Practice Trials

The Test Facility carries out the field phases of the trials performed according the Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) applied to the field studies, acting as a Principal Investigator:

- Determination of agrochemical residues on crops

- Effects on bumble bees in greenhouses

- Effects on bees - Effects on beneficial insects

- Environmental fate of agrochemical products: soil and water

- Worker exposure in open field and in greenhouses.

The Test Facility operates in compliance with the guidelines of the Principles of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and the activities are carried out following the Standard Operating Procedures ARA is provided with. The Test Facility has a Quality Assurance Program of the work performed and of its conformity with GLP principles. Such program is in charge of its own Quality Assurance Unit. Nowadays the Test Facility operates in compliance with what is provided for by L.D. 2nd March 2007, No.50 (Dir. 2004/9/CE and 2004/10/CE) and in accordance with what is provided for by the main international documents of the "Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development" (OECD).

Agronomic Trials

Field tests for the evaluation of agronomical aspects related to the use of new products, of different kind of nutrients and of innovative agricultural techniques.

Varietal Trials

Varietal comparison of agricultural species

Evaluation of the genetic resistance of new varieties towards different parasites.

Demonstration Trials

For products in advanced development status, demonstration sites can be set up to show the new discoveries to the stakeholders and the opinion leaders.


Biological and integrated control on a territorial scale

Territorial analysis and agro-environmental monitoring

Scientific investigation in agricoltural field

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